Oman Real Estate Association was established in 2012 under the Civil Associations Law 108/ 2019 by the Ministry of Social Developments, consisting members representing Omani real estate institutions and companies operating in the activity of development, investment, valuation and real estate brokerage.
Since its inception, the association supported 300 members through contributing into new legislations, organizing certified training and conferences, organizing exhibitions and promoting the best practice in the real estate sector.


Our Goals

  • Contribute to the development of the real estate market by studying relevant laws and regulations and making proposals that would enhance market opportunities and encourage investment.
  • Contribute to developing plans and programs for operating the national workforce in the real estate sector.
  • Setting ethical standards and a code of ethics for real estate business in the Sultanate of Oman, which in turn will contribute to protecting the rights of investors from improper practices.
  • Coordination between Omani real estate brokers in the various federations of the Sultanate and holding meetings between them from time to time to discuss developments in the real estate field.
  • Follow up on issues and obstacles facing workers in the real estate market, provide advice, and contribute to activating regulations and laws governing real estate work in the Sultanate.


Value Chain


  • Contribute to the regulation of the real estate market by studying the relevant regulations and legislation and making proposals that will enhance market opportunities and encourage investment
  • Contribute to the development of plans and employment programs of the national workforce in the real estate sector.
  • Coordination and cooperation with similar local, Arab, regional and international bodies, which contributes to the prosperity of the Omani real estate market

Developers/ Brokers

  • Protecting investor rights
  • Coordination between Omani brokers and real estate professionals
  • Follow-up the issues and obstacles facing employees in the real estate market
  • Provide advice and contribute to the implementation of regulations and laws
  • Raising the level of real estate culture among all real estate dealers.
  • Improving the professional status of its members and real estate professionals

Service Providers

  • Provide insights and market reports
  • Engage in developing best practices and professional conduct.
  • Collaborate on education and training programs.
  • Create platforms for communication and face to face meetings with members and sponsors.
  • Collaboration on development projects


  • Encourage developers and investors to invest in projects that will provide adequate housing for low-income citizens
  • To contribute to the organization of the real estate market and provide transparent market for public buyers
  • Regulate pricing and develop pricing index.

Our Activities